MU Tiger Challenge

Prizes and Rules

This game will have two prizes!

A personal game week prize of $100 and a one time team prize of $1000

Personal $100 prize

  • Players will log on to this social network and complete game week challenges.
  • Each challenge entry be it text, photo or discussion will be randomly cycled through our news partners sites for public voting.
  • The player who receives the most public votes each game week will receive $100 and the votes will be reset for the next week.

Team $1000 prize

  • Players also have the ability to form teams of any size.
  • When players login and complete challenges they will receive points for each challenges.
  • Players may also predict the score of upcoming games, to recieve 0-10 points depending on their accuracy.
  • Teams will receive an average of the points of its current players, plus one bonus point for each member of the team.
  • Teams are allowed to change rosters at any time by adding or removing players at the team leaders discretion. Team points will be recalculated immediately.
  • When the competition ends team rosters will be frozen and the team with the most points will receive $1000 divided amongst its final roster.

All prize distributions are solely at the discretion of Double Maple, and rules may change at any time deemed necessary.

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